Where is Moss Linen Made?

Here at Moss Living, we have taken the time to research a Linen bedding and clothing supplier that we felt aligned with the same values as our business.
Quality materials, high production standards, and ethical manufacturing practices were our non-negotiables when we set out to find a factory with which to partner and create our dream of luxurious linen bedding and clothing products. It was in Shenzhen, China that we met with the perfect manufacturing partner to learn that their process of turning beautiful raw linen into the most amazing bedding as well as clothing was exactly what we wanted for our linen products.
Christina discovered that this family owned company has been operating since 1997 and that their standards of production, ethical manufacturing standards and health and safety in the factories was something we could be proud to share our journey with. 
We have a close relationship with our suppliers & are always interacting with each other over new developments & linen concepts.
Our supplier is one of the leading providers of fine linen & their high-quality products are guaranteed by insisting on the following three principles: Strict & thorough selecting & checking of fabrics, having professional & experienced staff & a highly effective operating & managing team with remarkable production team making the final products. They deal directly with France to source the best raw flax linen & the dying process our supplier uses AZO-free dye and it's very friendly to human skin as well as the environment. 
We chose to focus exclusively on French flax linen bedding instead of the more traditional cotton for a number of reasons. Linen sleeps cooler during warmer weather & keeps you cozy warm during the cooler months. Linen uses less water in the milling process & last much longer than cotton. But when it comes right down to it we just love the way linen looks & feels: rustic & lived in but timeless & elegant at the same time.
Linen is a part of a movement back to the essential value that simplicity & quality are paramount.
Our beautiful Linen is one of the best that money can buy & a lifetime investment. Begins from Paris, France the heart of Linen.
There is a journey from the beginning to the end.