Sustainability & Values

What feels even better than ‘clean-sheet day’? Cosying up in sheets you know were made sustainably. We aim to cultivate an inclusive brand that offers essential, functional, clean and considered interiors and attire, whilst honouring the earth and its inhabitants.   

We encourage everyone to shop with intention and we hope to promote a positive change in the environmental landscape of our industry. Once we, as consumers and suppliers begin to work together, we can close the gap between people and nature, and allow our world to regrow into a better place to live, one day, one conscious decision at a time. Welcome to an enlightened and elevated pathway to the future; more than just a pretty home

Ethical Manufacturing 

Under the creative direction of Christina Armstrong, Moss Living encompasses both responsible production and intelligent design. We have taken the time to research a linen bedding and clothing supplier that we felt aligned with the same values as our business; quality materials, high production standards, and ethical manufacturing practices were our non-negotiables when we set out to find a factory with which to partner and create our dream of luxurious linen bedding and clothing products. Our supplier holds a number of internationally recognised certificates including SA 8000 which guarantees our social accountability with global standards. 

Alongside a loyal and long-standing team of expert artisans, our connection and relationship with our French suppliers is of paramount importance. 

There are a few reasons why our brand is exceptional when it comes to craftsmanship. We understand that, like us, consumers are increasingly interested in acquiring quality pieces that were created by someone who enjoyed making them. 

Supporting generations of makers who love what they do, ethical manufacturing was non-negotiable when we set out to find makers in the world of flax linen. With a shared appreciation for crafting luxurious linen concepts, our partners are held in high esteem through above-ethical wages and elevated working conditions. 


French Flax Linen

We chose to focus exclusively on French Flax Linen bedding instead of the more traditional cotton for a number of reasons. Linen sleeps cooler during warmer weather and keeps you cozy during the cooler months. Linen uses less water in the milling process and last much longer than cotton. But when it comes right down to it we just love the way linen looks and feels: rustic and lived in yet timeless and elegant at the same time. 

Dealing directly with France to source the highest-quality, raw flax linen, our suppliers are the leading manufacturers in fine French linen. Quality materials and elevated standards exist to transform your sleep and your life through exceptional, luxe linen. 

Our unique linens are rich in heritage and have a transformative quality. This is a critical element in allowing us to create the world of luxury linen that is Moss Living. 

Environmental Impact 

Our commitment to a sustainable future includes acknowledging our environmental impact, every step of the way. 

  • At Moss, we have taken the time to research suppliers that align with our environmental ethos. 
  • We avoid air freight which is having a huge and harmful impact on the planet.
  • We produce minimal pieces in each collection, and each piece is intentionally designed to last for life, rather than seasons. 
  • Rather than be discarded, unsold pieces are given to our chosen charity, helping women in need of dignity and warmth. 
  • Linen itself is biodegradable and adopts far less water in manufacture than its fibre counterparts. 
  • Additionally, your order will be delivered in compostable packaging and our stationery is printed on recycled paper. 

Our respect for the planet is a deeply honoured commitment, and an evolution that we are always refining. 



One hundred percent GOTS-certification means that your fabric has been tested to the highest standard and is free from chemicals. GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world’s leading textile standard when it comes to organic textile compliance. This certification demands requirements be met from yarn sourcing to construction. This standard gives consumers the power to select thoughtfully, with reassurance that organic, ecological, and humanitarian criteria have been met. 


Azo-free Dyes

Our processes adopt azo-free dyes which are highly beneficial to human skin as well as the environment. Azo compounds are widely used in the textile industry. These synthetic dyes are having severe and lasting impacts on people and the planet, with evidence of harsh environmental and health consequences. Many azo dyes contain aromatic amines, some of which are suspected carcinogens. We intentionally abstain from such practices and compounds, electing a natural and organic dyeing process, evident in the luxurious handfeel and skin receptivity. 


Make Your Bed Better

We adopt the following ethos as part of our code of conduct:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Authenticity
  • Limited piece production
  • Minimal fabric wastage
  • No seasonal collections 
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Above ethical wages 
  • Exemplary working environment  

For questions on our sustainability commitment or values please email us at