Benefits of Linen

Because life is better in linen. 
The emphasis on French-heritage linen was established early in the journey of Moss Living. For many reasons, luxe linen has always been our truest of textile loves. 

Timeless Design 

Timelessness and transeasonality are unwavering elements woven into our ethos. Every piece is intended to be worn for life, without season and beyond trend. Aiming to curate high-performing wardrobes of an undefinable era that will be passed down for generations to come, Moss Living was made to go on Living. Creating a movement that redefines what it means to be fashionable, we favour the preservation of our earth in a way that honours style. The fibre, function, and form of linen speaks closely to this heritage. 

Comfortable and Luxurious

Embracing linen in your life is a movement back to the essential value that simplicity and quality are paramount. Linen is renowned for its comfortability and, like you, linen gets better with age. Alongside your bed itself, bedding is an important investment. As an element you rest on every single night, it is not a sometimes treat. This is why we make it our priority to produce the softest and most luxurious linen there is. 

Durable and Everlasting 

Unlike many other fibres, linen grows better and stronger over time and washes. Linen is also resistant to mildew and mould. 

Self-insulating and Breathable 

Linen sleeps cooler during warmer months, while keeping you cosy in winter. This superpower makes it one of the most versatile and lovable textiles. 

Biodegradable and Earth Friendly

Using far less water in manufacture than other fabrics, linen is a no-brainer when it comes to protecting our precious planet. Linen can decompose in as little as two weeks, which makes us love her even more.

Moisture Resistant

Linen has high water-wicking properties, absorbing moisture and drying quickly. Consider night sweats (and day sweats) a bygone dilemma. 

Machine Washable 

Casually washed on a cold setting, linen is easy to care for. 

Effortlessly Undone

Embracing the linen-look, let it appear rustic and lived-in - this is part of its allure. In Japanese culture, the moss plant represents concepts of beauty, simplicity, humility and refinement, as well as the aesthetics of wabi-sabi; a worldview centred on imperfection, specifically the imperfect beauty found in nature. We embrace this philosophy, wholeheartedly. 


Moss Living conceives collections made from linen to benefit and support those with skin sensitivities. Linen has the capacity to inhibit bacterial growth, making it highly sanitary and pathogen-resistant.