The Byron Bay based photographer and writer Isabel Sasse is giving meaning to the saying “comfort in the unknown”.

What inspires your design taste and how do you find your inspiration?

I have very specific tastes and I tend to live by a less but better approach in all areas of my life. Most of my inspiration is found within architecture, poetry and the landscape of where I live. I’m big on intentional design philosophies, and curating an atmosphere of calm that’s held with that intent in mind wherever I go. I think if you really want to live a life of purpose and peace you have to know what you want and curate it accordingly.

A sentence used to describe your work. Can you explain what that means to you and how important this is to your creative process?

I think I just always try to find a way back to my soul with my work. As much as I’m working for clients, their labels and larger companies, first and foremost I need to feel fulfilled and aligned with the work I’m producing for them. So, does this body of work feed my soul? Or does it eat away at it? How do I find a way to pour myself entirely into this work, and alchemise it into something that’s actually transformative and interesting to me? Over the years I’ve learnt that if something doesn’t sit well within me, I simply won’t pursue it. In that sense, I hope my work is seen as retaining soul. Because everything I do comes from an incredibly sincere place.

Describe your style, home & fashion?

Understated, refined, quiet.

What does a typical day in the life of Isabel Sasse look like?

A typical day for me starts between 4-5am, with either a boxing class, surf or gym. This is followed by some green tea leaves I picked up in Paris from my favourite tea house called Ogata. I really like to take my time with breakfast, because it’s the only time of day I have without emails, phone calls, deadlines or simply devoting my energy to others and various projects. The earlier I wake up, the more time I have to myself. Which is the time I value and respect the most. I need to ensure I’m taken care of, before I can take care of others. If I’m working from home I’m mostly glued to my desk working on post production but if it’s a shoot day I’ll either take a flight to Sydney or Melbourne and be on location all day. Alternatively, I’ll be on location somewhere at home in Byron with a team. It really depends. A couple times a week I like to finish my day off with a sauna and ice bath.

What’s a stand-out item from your wardrobe that you cherish?

A bracelet passed down to me from my grandma. I keep it locked away along with some other incredibly precious pieces that rarely see the light of day. I’m a very sentimental person at heart.

Home ritual you can't live without?

Tea ceremony.

Advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in your industry?

Figure out your own style and what really drives your visions at their core. And then stay devoted to that. External factors will continually try to steer you away from your creative visions. It’s important to know who you are, what you believe in, and what you want out of life. When you stay true to yourself, you’ll hold more confidence, self belief, have a deeper sense of fulfilment and you’ll be more likely to attract the right people and opportunities into your life. There’s a real strength in knowing who you are.

Self-advice to your 16-year-old self?

Have the faith to move forward into what you cannot see.