Life in Linen

When it comes to morning wakeups and comfortable everyday fashion, we like it slow (and long-wearing). Our linen is designed to stand the test of time and while the average person wears an item of clothing only 7 times, we just know that with every wash and every wear our linen bedding and loungewear pieces will fast become your new slow-fashion pieces. We design our linen bedding and loungewear to be the pieces that take you from day-to-night and night-to-day fast becoming your new favourite items to enjoy life in the slow lane.

Our linen is one of the softest we have experienced and not only will it wear gracefully with age, it will also continually provide health benefits that far outweigh those of other fabrications. These include the hypoallergenic and moisture wicking qualities of French Flax Linen allowing you to breath easier through the night, whilst creating a temperature regulating environment with moisture wicking fabric conducive to sleep. 

Your house is your home, your bedroom - your inner sanctum. Helping to bring your comfort, style, inspiration, ambiance & mood to these special spaces.

Our focus on quality materials & ethical manufacturing practice were our main priorities when we began the journey of creating Moss Living. This took time to find the right partner to suit what we all want when buying a beautiful high-end product such as linen, our manufacturer ticked all the boxes in creating beautiful linen into some of the best bedding & clothing for you. They deal directly with France to source the best raw flax linen available.

We spend a third of our life in bed and how we sleep can affect our moods and interfere with energy levels and overall physical performance throughout the day.

At Moss Living, we believe that to get your best night’s sleep you need to create the ultimate sleep-inducing environment. Whether it's relaxed evening rituals or a busy daily routine that invites sleep, we believe that the health benefits of our linen far outweigh those of other bedding and loungewear products. 

When it comes right down to it, I just love the way linen looks & feels; even the imperfect slubs. Linen has an organic appeal & is naturally imperfect, just like life. 

Sleep better live better. Experience life in Linen.

If you ever need more information please feel free to contact me, as I'm always happy to help.

Christina Armstrong

Founder / Creative Director 

Moss Living